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What Is The Size Of Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500?

What Is The Size Of Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500?

By PattyKay Lilley

If you are a Ram 1500 owner looking for an easy way to protect your truck bed and its contents from the elements, then a tonneau cover may be just what you need. Tonneau covers provide protection against weather, UV rays, dust and other debris while also adding a sleek look to your vehicle.

Tonneau covers have appeal because they enclose cargo without sacrificing valuable storage space in the truck bed – but how do you know which tonneau cover is right for your specific needs?

In this blog post we will take a deep dive into the size of tonneau covers available for Ram 1500 models so that you can make an informed decision when choosing one for yourself.

Why Do I Need A Ram 1500 Tonneau Cover?

Why Do I Need A Ram 1500 Tonneau Cover?

The Ram 1500 tonneau covers are a great way for you to keep your truck protected. They come in different sizes to ensure you get a cover that suits your needs. These truck bed covers are also perfect for keeping your truck bed safe and items out of sight when driving through busy streets or traversing rough terrain.

You can find a tonneau cover for your Ram 1500 that’s custom-fit for your vehicle, promising a perfect fit. The RAM 1500 tonneau cover is also ideal for protecting your truck bed from weather elements such as rain or snow.

The installation process of these covers is straightforward, not requiring much effort. However, if your truck bed has a liner, you may need assistance to properly install the cover. Regardless of these minor challenges, the benefits that a tonneau cover offers make it a valuable addition to your Ram 1500.

What Is The Size Of Tonneau Cover For Ram 1500?

There isn’t an exact one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to determining the size of the tonneau cover for the Ram 1500. The size of the tonneau cover you need is determined by the size of your Ram 1500’s truck bed. Ram 1500 truck beds typically come in three sizes: 5’7″, 6’4″, and 8′. Depending on the length of your truck bed, you will need to choose a tonneau cover that fits best.

The 5’7″ truck bed, also known as the short bed, is very common among Ram 1500 pickup trucks. If you have this bed size, you would require a tonneau cover that’s specifically designed to fit a 5’7″ bed. There are plenty of options available in the market that cater to this bed size, offering maximum protection and efficiency.

For those with a slightly longer truck bed, the 6’4″, also known as the standard bed, you’ll need a different sized tonneau cover. The cover for a 6’4″ bed size is tailored to cover more area, ensuring that the entire truck bed is secured against potential weather damages, UV rays, or dust accumulation.

The longest truck bed available for a Ram 1500 is the 8′, also referred to as the long bed. The tonneau cover for this bed size would be the largest, providing comprehensive coverage for your extensive truck bed. When purchasing, ensure that the tonneau cover is specifically marked as suitable for an 8′ bed to guarantee a perfect fit.

In conclusion, the size of the tonneau cover for your Ram 1500 will depend on the length of your truck bed. Ensure to measure your truck bed accurately before you begin your tonneau cover search. This will help you avoid purchasing a cover that doesn’t fit your truck bed properly, offering optimal protection and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

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We understand that choosing the right tonneau cover for your Ram 1500 can be a confusing process. You may have additional questions related to tonneau cover sizes, installation, and maintenance. Here are some common queries addressed to assist in your buying journey.

How do I measure my truck bed for a tonneau cover?

Measuring your truck bed for a tonneau cover is a simple process. Start by measuring the inside length of your truck bed from the bulkhead (the wall directly behind the cab) to the inside edge of the top of the tailgate. This will give you the length, which is the most critical measurement for a tonneau cover.

Can I install a tonneau cover by myself?

Yes, most tonneau covers can be installed without professional help. The covers usually come with clear instructions and require minimal tools. However, if your truck bed has a liner or you’ve chosen a more complex tonneau cover design, you might need assistance. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions for the best results.

Do I need to perform maintenance on my tonneau cover?

Maintenance of a tonneau cover is relatively straightforward. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water will keep the cover looking good. For hard tonneau covers, you can use a non-abrasive automotive wax to help protect the cover against the elements. Always ensure to use products recommended by the manufacturer to avoid damaging the material.

Can a tonneau cover improve fuel efficiency?

Interestingly, a tonneau cover can contribute to improved fuel efficiency. When installed, it reduces aerodynamic drag that occurs when air pulls away from the back of your truck, leading to less fuel consumption. However, the savings might not be significant, but every little bit helps in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tonneau cover for your Ram 1500 is more than just picking out a size. It’s about understanding the needs of your vehicle and ensuring the tonneau cover you select can meet these needs efficiently.

While the size of the cover is a critical factor, remember to consider other elements such as the material, installation process, maintenance, and potential benefits like fuel efficiency. It’s important to optimize every aspect of your truck, and a well-chosen tonneau cover can contribute significantly towards this.

Purchasing a tonneau cover is a long-term investment in the health and functionality of your truck bed. Make sure to take your time and do thorough research to ensure you make the right choice. Remember, the right tonneau cover will not only protect your cargo but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Ram 1500.

In conclusion, the size of the tonneau cover you choose will significantly depend on the size of your Ram 1500. Take accurate measurements of your truck bed, consider your specific requirements, and choose a cover that fits perfectly. This way, you’ll be able to drive confidently knowing your cargo is secure and your truck bed is protected.

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