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Who Makes Tyger Tonneau Covers?

Who Makes Tyger Tonneau Covers?

By PattyKay Lilley

If you are looking for a sleek, stylish, and reliable tonneau cover for your pickup truck, then Tyger Tonneau covers are worth considering. Tyger has been producing top-notch automotive accessories since 2007 and have a long history of providing drivers with remarkable craftsmanship.

Every product is designed with precision engineering to provide a custom fit for different types of vehicles while also guaranteeing its durability and security.

In this post, we will explore the company behind the excellence that makes up every Tyger product―from their manufacturing methods to their commitment to exceptional customer service. Let’s get right into it!

Who Makes Tyger Tonneau Covers?

Tyger Auto, the manufacturer of Tyger Tonneau Covers, is a reputed name in the automotive accessory industry. This company, headquartered in California, United States, aims to provide vehicle owners with stylish, high-quality, and durable accessories.

Their products are made using state-of-the-art automated manufacturing systems, ensuring precise engineering and a perfect fit for various vehicle models.

One of the hallmarks of Tyger Auto is their strict adherence to quality control measures. Each product, including Tyger Tonneau Covers, undergoes meticulous testing to ensure its durability, functionality, and appearance meet the highest standards. This rigorous quality assurance process makes Tyger Auto stand out in a competitive market.

Tyger Auto believes in constant innovation. Their research and development team continuously works on improving and expanding their product line, incorporating the latest technology and designs. This approach ensures that Tyger’s Tonneau covers remain at the forefront of the industry’s trends.

Tyger Auto’s commitment to customer satisfaction is a key part of their business philosophy. They boast an exceptional customer service team ready to answer any inquiries and resolve any issues promptly. This dedication to customer satisfaction reinforces Tyger Auto as a trusted provider of Tonneau covers.

In conclusion, Tyger Auto couples innovative technology with strict quality control measures to manufacture superior Tonneau covers. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and their perseverance for improvement are the reasons why Tyger Tonneau Covers are a preferred choice among vehicle owners.

Are Tyger Tonneau Covers Good?

Tyger Tonneau Covers have garnered significant acclaim within the automotive industry and among consumers. They offer a blend of functionality, durability, and style that few competitors can match.

Reliability is a standout feature of Tyger Tonneau Covers. Made from heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl, these covers are tear-resistant and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. The frames are constructed from powder-coated aluminum, enhancing their strength without adding excessive weight.

The versatility of Tyger Tonneau Covers is also noteworthy. With a wide range of designs available, there is a Tyger cover to suit almost any truck model. This versatility ensures that owners of various vehicle brands can enjoy the benefits of a Tyger Tonneau Cover.

Ease of installation is another area where Tyger Tonneau Covers excel. The covers come with a comprehensive, easy-to-follow manual, minimizing the need for professional help during installation. This feature makes them an economical choice for truck owners.

Given their features and benefits, Tyger Tonneau Covers offer excellent value for money. While being competitively priced, they do not compromise on quality, durability, or style.

In the realm of customer reviews, Tyger Tonneau Covers consistently receive positive feedback. Users frequently praise their durability, ease of installation, and sleek appearance. This positive feedback is a testament to the high standards set by Tyger Auto.

In conclusion, Tyger Tonneau Covers are not just good; they are exceptional. They bring together a wealth of features, high-quality materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, all of which contribute to their superior performance and widespread popularity among vehicle owners.

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How We Picked The Tyger Tonneau Cover?

How We Picked The Tyger Tonneau Cover?

Choosing the right Tyger Tonneau Cover involved an extensive evaluation process. We aimed to find a model that balanced quality, durability, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal. Here’s how we went about it.

Firstly, we focused on the material and construction of the covers. Tyger Tonneau Covers are made of high-quality marine-grade vinyl and supported by powder-coated aluminum frames. This combination makes them weather-resistant and durable, crucial factors for long-term usability.

Next, we considered the ease of installation. A cover that requires professional help for fitting is less likely to appeal to many vehicle owners. Tyger Tonneau Covers come with comprehensive installation manuals, enabling owners to set them up independently and save on installation costs.

Another important criterion was the versatility. Tyger offers a diverse range of Tonneau covers, each designed to fit specific truck models. By considering the size, shape, and style of various covers, we ensured that our chosen product would cater to a broad spectrum of customer needs.

Finally, we looked at customer reviews and ratings. These provide valuable insights about a product from people who have firsthand experience using it. Tyger Tonneau Covers consistently receive positive feedback on their durability, style, and ease of installation, further reinforcing our confidence in them.

By considering these factors, we were able to pick a Tyger Tonneau Cover that not only meets but exceeds expectations. It embodies the renowned quality and sophistication that Tyger Auto is known for, making it an excellent choice for any truck owner looking to enhance their vehicle’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Tyger Tonneau Covers, renowned for their strength and versatility, come with many common queries. This section aims to address some of these frequent questions, offering detailed insights to assist in your purchasing decision.

What makes Tyger Tonneau Covers stand out from their competitors?

Tyger Tonneau Covers are distinguished by their exceptional blend of quality, durability, and style. They are made from high-grade, marine vinyl and supported by powder-coated aluminum frames.

This combination ensures resistance to harsh weather conditions and guarantees a long-lasting product. Additionally, their design is aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the visual appeal of any truck.

Tyger Tonneau Covers are known for their easy installation process. Each cover comes with a comprehensive manual that guides you through the installation process, eliminating the need for professional assistance. This feature adds to the cost-effectiveness of the product.

Finally, the versatility of Tyger Tonneau Covers is worth mentioning. They offer a wide range of designs suitable for almost all truck models, making them a favorite among various vehicle owners.

How do I maintain my Tyger Tonneau Cover?

Maintaining your Tyger Tonneau Cover is simple and straightforward. Regular cleaning is vital to keep your cover looking its best and to prolong its lifespan. Use a mild detergent mixed with water to clean the surface. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives, as they can damage the material and cause discoloration.

Ensure the cover is completely dry before folding or rolling it up to prevent mold or mildew from forming. Regularly inspect your cover for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any issues, contact the manufacturer or your dealer for advice or replacement parts.

Is my Tyger Tonneau Cover compatible with other truck accessories?

Tyger Tonneau Covers are designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of truck accessories. However, compatibility can vary depending on the specific type of accessory and truck model. It’s recommended to check with the manufacturer or your dealer to ensure the cover will work with your particular accessories.

Some common truck accessories, like bed extenders or tool boxes, may require additional installation steps or specific models of Tonneau Covers. Make sure to mention any accessories you have when purchasing your Tyger Tonneau Cover to get the best fit and compatibility.

What is the warranty on Tyger Tonneau Covers?

Tyger Auto stands by the quality of its Tonneau Covers with an impressive warranty. Most Tyger Tonneau Covers come with a limited lifetime warranty, protecting against defects in materials and workmanship for the original purchaser.

This warranty gives you the peace of mind that you’re investing in a product backed by the manufacturer’s confidence in its durability and quality.

However, it’s important to note that this warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, installation, or accidents. For full details on the warranty and what it covers, it’s best to refer to the warranty information provided with your product or contact Tyger Auto directly.

Final Thought

When it comes to enhancing your truck’s functionality and appeal, Tyger Tonneau Covers stand out as an excellent choice. Thanks to their high-quality materials, innovative design, and easy installation process, these covers provide a unique blend of style and durability that is hard to match.

The versatility of Tyger’s product range is another reason for their widespread popularity. Whether you have a compact pickup or a larger truck, you’re likely to find a Tyger Tonneau Cover that fits perfectly. This aspect, coupled with their ease of maintenance, makes them a practical solution for truck owners who value both aesthetics and functionality.

The impressive warranty that accompanies Tyger Tonneau Covers highlights the brand’s confidence in its products. It’s a testament to the commitment Tyger Auto has to providing its customers with products that not just meet, but exceed, their expectations.

To conclude, Tyger Tonneau Covers are a worthy investment for any truck owner. They promise to transform your vehicle into an even more versatile and stylish machine while providing you with a high level of security and durability. When you choose Tyger, you choose quality.

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