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Truxedo Pro X15 Review

Truxedo Pro X15 Review

By PattyKay Lilley

The Truxedo Pro X15 is a trendsetter in the world of truck bed covers, combining style, innovation, and quality. As a part of this review, we will delve into the specifics of the Truxedo Pro X15, its distinctive features, and its overall performance. Designed to protect your cargo from harsh weather conditions and potential theft, this cover seamlessly integrates functionality with aesthetics.

Its sleek, low-profile design not only adds a polished look to your vehicle but also provides the added benefit of better fuel efficiency. Throughout this review, we’ll assess how the Truxedo Pro X15 stacks up against its competition, and whether it delivers on its promise of durability, security, and style.

Truxedo Pro X15 Review – Features of This Tonneau Cover

Truxedo Pro X15 Review - Features of This Tonneau Cover

When evaluating the Truxedo Pro X15, five key features stand out: its superior quality, sleek design, advanced security, easy installation, and excellent customer service. These attributes have made it a choice pick among truck owners looking for a blend of style, protection, and convenience. This review will delve deeper into each of these aspects, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the Truxedo Pro X15 Tonneau Cover.

Materials and Build Quality

What is this cover really made from? Truxedo Pro X15, in this regard, indeed marks its position in the upper segment of the market. Most soft roll-up covers available in stores are made from waterproof canvas held together by Velcro straps, and the Truxedo Pro X15 is no exception.

What sets the Truxedo Pro X15 apart is the variety and quality it offers. The tarp, the main component of this cover, is crafted from a superior-grade, woven fabric accompanied by a stylish matte finish. I find this combination worthy of high praise.

The fabric is highly durable and waterproof; rest assured, even if left out in a rainstorm, your Truxedo Pro X15 will not tear or break. The matte finish prevents any unsightly scratches that could compromise fabric integrity.

Speaking of the side rails, clamps, and everything else that keeps this cover securely in place once installed, they’re pretty standard for a product in this price range. Although Truxedo hasn’t significantly outshone in any specific area, everything holds up quite well. Most importantly, the mechanical parts feel secure and durable, which is an essential characteristic for any attachments designed to safeguard against rain and heavy winds.

The Design

Speaking of design, I have to admit that the Truxedo Pro X15 looks and feels pretty nice. When I get to choose between matte and shiny, polished covers, I always lean more towards the side of the matte units. The fact they are more scratch-resistant is only partially to blame. Truxedo Pro X15 is a perfect example of deep black done right. In this case, the matte finish creates a clean, tidy, and gratifying impression that towers over similarly priced shiny, aggressive, and soon-to-be smudgy alternatives.

Now, what can I say about its functionality and design choices? In short, they aren’t lagging behind all too much. Although the cover doesn’t break any new and exciting grounds, the low profile design didn’t interfere with the aerodynamics of my trucks.

The thing I am not too fond of is that the previous iterations of this product sat a little bit lower than this one. As a result, the latest model of Truxedo Pro X15 allowed more water inside when exposed to direct stream – like, for instance, when you take the vehicle to a car wash.

The other thing I would like to point out is that in the case of some trucks, you will need a foam strip installed at the head of the bed to fill in the gap between the body and the bed rail cover. But, finding “one size that fits all” is very hard, especially in this price segment. Also, the problem was present only in some vehicles.

All in all – not bad. The low profile is streamlined and unobtrusive, the rails and clamps strong and durable, and, in spite of a couple of drawbacks, the overall design gets high marks.

Ease of Use

One of the main advantages of the soft roll-up tonneau covers over their more robust and more expensive cousins is that they are far easier to install and roll up when needed. So, the value of one of these units can, to a great extent, be judged based on how easy they are to use on a daily basis. This is yet another area where the Truxedo Pro X15 does its job with ease and grace.

First and foremost, this is one of those “no drilling required” covers, meaning that the side rails are attached to your vehicle with nothing more than a couple of simple C-clamps. The manufacturer claims the whole thing can be pulled off in less than 30 minutes. Having gained a fair share of experience working with these things, I managed to assemble the cover in far less time.

Once on the vehicle, the Truxedo Pro X15 doesn’t lose any of its convenience. Namely, the cover can be easily opened with nothing more than one finger. You just need to find the small trigger latch located at the right side of the tailgate, unlock the tarp, and then easily roll up the fabric toward the head of the bed.

The Velcro straps located at each side of the cover proved to be very cooperative while I was doing all of this. Although they do an excellent job of keeping the surface safely sealed when in use, they don’t offer any excessive resistance when you need to access the cargo located in the bed.

Overall Performance

Finally, let’s take a look at how the Truxedo Pro X15 performed when put to the test. For the most part, I was extremely satisfied with the performance of the Truxedo Pro X15. Soft roll-up covers are primarily designed to offer protection against debris and the elements, and this unit delivered much more than that.

When it comes to physical damage, the unit performed almost flawlessly. Sharp objects could potentially cut through the fabric, but the likelihood of encountering such a scenario is quite slim. I even dropped a few large rocks and branches on the bed, and the fabric remained in pristine condition.

The cover’s ability to protect against water is not as impressive, but it still provides ample protection for light rains and occasional storms. I previously discussed the fact that the fabric could sit a little closer to the bed – as it stands, the design leaves a small gap for water to potentially reach the cargo.

However, this issue is rather minor, and the smart self-leveling top-mount design does a great deal to mitigate this problem. There’s another point worth noting – the fabric of the cover is not very pliable. While it offers excellent protection against the elements, it can become stiff in extremely low temperatures, which somewhat reduces its usability and practicality.

If you live in an area that experiences many frosty days during the winter season, this is something to bear in mind.

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There are always queries when it comes to choosing the right product. When it comes to the Truxedo Pro X15, several common questions arise about its installation, use, and maintenance. Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you gain a deeper understanding of this product.

How easy is the installation process for the Truxedo Pro X15?

How easy is the installation process for the Truxedo Pro X15?

Installing the Truxedo Pro X15 is quite straightforward. It’s designed with a “no-drilling-required” approach, meaning the side rails can be attached to your vehicle using a couple of simple C-clamps.

The manufacturer claims this can be done in less than 30 minutes. If you’re familiar with such installations, you may be able to complete it even faster. The entire process is made user-friendly, and the provided instructions are easy to follow.

How does the Truxedo Pro X15 perform under extreme weather conditions?

The Truxedo Pro X15 provides sufficient protection against mild weather conditions. It copes well with light rains and occasional storms. However, if you live in areas with extreme cold, you might find the cover becomes stiff, which can reduce its usability and practicality. Despite this, the smart self-leveling top-mount design helps to mitigate this issue to a great extent.

How easy is it to operate and access the cargo under the Truxedo Pro X15?

Operating the Truxedo Pro X15 is a breeze. The cover can be easily opened with one finger by locating the small trigger latch at the right side of the tailgate. Once unlocked, you can easily roll up the fabric toward the head of the bed. The Velcro straps located at each side of the cover don’t offer excessive resistance when you need to access the cargo, making the process convenient and straightforward.

How does the Truxedo Pro X15 handle physical damage?

The Truxedo Pro X15 performs impressively well against potential physical damage. Though sharp objects could theoretically cut through the fabric, such scenarios are unlikely. The cover has been tested against large rocks and branches and remained in pristine condition. This robustness is a testament to its high-quality construction and durability.

Final Thought

In conclusion, the Truxedo Pro X15 proves to be a solid choice for truck owners who value convenience, durability, and efficient design. The ease of installation, operation, and access to cargo sets this tonneau cover apart from many others in the market.

Its robust construction can withstand everyday wear and tear, providing a reliable shield against debris and light weather conditions. Although the cover may become somewhat stiff in extremely cold temperatures, this minor downside is easily outweighed by the overall usability and practicality of the product.

Moreover, the Truxedo Pro X15’s ‘no-drilling-required’ installation, cooperative Velcro straps, and self-leveling top-mount design demonstrate the manufacturer’s careful consideration for the user’s needs. Even the minor design flaw concerning potential water seepage is mitigated to a great extent by its innovative design.

Therefore, for those seeking a hardwearing, user-friendly, and cost-effective cover that does more than just protect their truck’s bed, the Truxedo Pro X15 should top their list. While no product is perfect, this tonneau cover comes close, making it a worthy investment for any truck owner.

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