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Bakflip Mx4 Review

Bakflip Mx4 Review

By PattyKay Lilley

The Bakflip MX4, a leading name in truck bed covers, stands out for its exceptional functionality and design. This hard folding tonneau cover consistently receives rave reviews for its durability, security, and user-friendly features.

Manufactured from heavy-duty aluminum panels featuring a matte finish, the MX4 provides superior UV and scratch resistance. Its integrated buckle system and prop rods further enhance the convenience and ease of operation.

This review delves into the specifics of the Bakflip MX4 to provide a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities and performance.

Bakflip Mx4 Review – Features of This Tonneau Cover

Bakflip Mx4 Review - Features of This Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip, a renowned line of hard folding tonneau covers, not only assures security and weather protection for small cargo but also facilitates near-total bed access when one needs to transport large items.

BAK Industries, the innovator behind this popular range, holds the patent for the BakFlip hard folding tonneau – the only such cover that provides complete access to the entire truck bed. While tri-fold tonneau covers enjoy popularity, BAK Industries has elevated the segment to a new level with its range of BakFlip Quad-fold tonneau covers. At first glance, these covers may appear similar, but the distinguishing factors reside in the details.

Design and Functionality

The Bakflip MX4 is designed with a unique fold-up system, providing the user with the flexibility of partial or full truck bed access. This versatile design allows for the accommodation of various cargo sizes, as the cover can be opened to the exact extent necessary.

The first, second, and third partial folds are secured in place by an integrated buckle system, eliminating the need for additional straps or bungee cords. For instances of full folding, a safety strap is included at the end. The system also incorporates prop rods, ensuring the cover remains secure for 100% full unobstructed truck bed access.

Notably, despite offering total access, the design still maintains visibility over the third brake light, thereby enhancing safety during driving. For added convenience, a simple pull cable release, hidden beneath the cover, facilitates easy folding from either the passenger or driver side.


The installation process of the Bakflip MX4 is straightforward and user-friendly, requiring no drilling or modification. The cover features a clamp-on installation system, allowing for a quick and secure setup that easily attaches to the railings of the truck bed. Its lightweight nature and ease of use mean that the Bakflip MX4 can be installed single-handedly in just a matter of minutes.

Once the clamp-on system is securely bolted into place, the cover can be unfolded and positioned over the truck bed. The process is finalized by attaching a drain tube that exits out the side of the truck bed, ensuring any water that enters the truck bed can be efficiently drained away.

This installation process is designed to be simple enough for most users to complete in less than an hour without requiring any retrofitting. Customer feedback consistently highlights the simplicity of the installation process, with very few reporting complications during setup.

Security and Durability

The Bakflip MX4 is constructed from lightweight yet sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum, providing a robust and secure fit onto the tailgate. This design features significantly enhance the cover’s resistance to theft. The hard cover panel effectively prevents prying eyes from inspecting your truck bed contents, ensuring a secure storage area. Notably, the Bakflip MX4 can support up to 400lbs of evenly distributed weight.

In terms of its security elements, while the Bakflip MX4 tonneau cover may not have a built-in lock system, it is engineered with security as a priority. The cover’s panels are impressively resilient and difficult to deform, even when subjected to loads up to 400 lbs. This capacity further adds to its functionality and usability, offering users peace of mind when carrying heavier items.

Elements and Water Resistance

The MX4 tonneau cover’s design serves to repel water, doing a commendable job at keeping moisture off its surface. Despite this, there’s a potential for water leakage along the rail edges of the cover, even though it’s equipped with a rubber seal system. It’s important to note that no truck bed cover is 100% waterproof.

But, when properly installed, the BAKFlip excels in its class at keeping the bed dry. While gaps at the tailgate and other areas of the bed may allow in minimal water, special installation techniques can be employed to achieve the most watertight fit possible.

Local BAK Authorized Dealers are on standby, ready to provide professional installation services to ensure the best possible outcome that suits your needs.

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How to Install Bakflip Mx4 Tonneau Cover

How to Install Bakflip Mx4 Tonneau Cover

The installation process of the Bakflip MX4 tonneau cover on an F150 is notably straightforward. The squared rails of the F150 make the process hassle-free, as there is no need to shim anything. The instruction manual provided by BAKFlip is clear and uncomplicated, leaving minimum room for any ambiguity.

From personal experience, it took me about 60 minutes from unpacking the box to complete installation. However, for those with prior experience, it could take half that time. In the following section, I will walk you through the steps I took to install the tonneau cover and include some pictures for further clarity, making it easier to visualize the process beyond the black and white sketches in the manual.

Step 1 – Sealing the front edge of the bed

The first step outlined in the instructions is to apply a strip of sealing foam along the front edge of the bed. This is specifically targeted at those who don’t have a drop-in bed liner.

In my case, I have a spray-on liner, so attaching this strip to the front was necessary. The process is as straightforward as it sounds: remove the adhesive backing from the foam strip, position it correctly on the bed, and cut off any excess material.

Step 2 – Installing the Rails

Having sealed the front edge of the bed, the subsequent step is the installation of the rails that will hold and secure the tonneau cover to the bed. BAKFlip provides six clamps – three for each side. Utilizing a 9/16 socket, begin by positioning the first clamp between 6 to 9 inches from the front of the rail.

The second clamp should then be placed directly in the middle of the rail, and finally, the third one should be positioned 6 inches from the back side of the rail bordering the tailgate.

The clamps are considerably heavy-duty and are tailored with grooves that snugly fit into the edge of the rail. While BAKFlip recommends a torque of 10ft/lb on each of these bolts, I found that a bit on the lighter side, thus, I tightened it to around 15-20ft/lb.

While engaging the clamp bolt, ensure to apply pressure on the top side of the rail to ensure it aligns flush with your bed rail. It took approximately 15 minutes to measure and tighten the clamps on both sides. Notably, thanks to the F150’s squared bed rails, there’s no need for any shimming.

Before you proceed with the installation of the rails, it’s recommended to check the weather stripping along the side of the rail where it meets your bed. In my case, the weather strip wasn’t perfectly straight and was nearly off the rail. Fortunately, it was a quick fix – I simply pulled off the weather strip in the area that required adjustment and repositioned it.

Step 3 – Prepping and Mounting the Cover

After your rails are positioned correctly, you’ll need to prepare the cover by installing two female buckles on the top of the front side of the cover. These are held in place by two screws each. The buckles, which appear to be well-made, feature insulating foam between the buckle and the cover. This prevents any scratching and eliminates direct contact between the plastic and the aluminum cover.

Next, you will need to position the cover on the rails. The cover is secured to the rails with two heavy-duty bolts that pass through the top of the cover and then down into the rail mounts. You can see the holes next to the buckle in the picture on the left. This is where the mounting bolts will go.

Ensure that you use the series of washers as instructed by the manual, including a locking washer between the nut and the rail mount. My approach was to loosely tighten the two bolts, close the tailgate, and shut the MX4 cover completely as though it were installed to make certain it was correctly positioned on the bed. After confirming it was in the exact spot I wanted, I opened the tailgate and slid beneath the cover to tighten the nuts fully by hand.

Once everything was secure, I tested the opening and closing of the cover a few times to make sure there was no friction. I particularly appreciated the low-profile mounting bolts, which sit almost flush with the top of the cover. Once these bolts were tightened, the cover was extremely secure. The mount and rails felt very sturdy and robust, with no give at all when opening and closing the cover.

Step 4 – Drainage and Rubber Bumpers

With the tonneau cover successfully installed, it’s time to wrap up with the final touches. Given that these types of tonneau covers come with rails, drainage is crucial. Water can get trapped in the rail with no escape route, so BAKFlip has incorporated a drainage system at the front side of the rail, equipped with hoses to channel the excess water outside of your bed.

You can direct the hoses wherever you prefer. The beds on these trucks are made of aluminum, making them easy to drill through anywhere. I opted to drill through the rubber/plastic inserts along the bottom of the bed to avoid drilling into permanent fixtures. The closest hole is directly beside the rail drain, but you might need to widen it for a better fit.

You’ll observe in the second picture that I used a zip tie to secure the hose to the rail. The hoses didn’t fit well where they meet the rail and would have inevitably fallen off, so I fastened a zip tie tightly around it to hold it in place.

While I’m not entirely satisfied with the location of the hoses I chose, my truck was less than a week old, and I was hesitant to drill into the bed and bedliner that I had just sprayed. If I grow tired of this location, I’ll likely drill holes directly to the sides closest to where the hose attaches to the rails.

The final step in this installation is to adhere three rubber bumpers to the backside of the cover, where it meets the cab window when flipped up. It’s a straightforward process – fix two of the bumpers more than 1 inch away from the edges (I chose 5 inches), and then center the third.

And there you have it! Your installation is complete!


There are often a few common inquiries that come up when dealing with the installation and use of the BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Cover. To help ensure a smooth experience, we’ve compiled responses to some of these frequently asked questions below.

How effective is the drainage system of the BAKFlip MX4?

The drainage system of the BAKFlip MX4 is designed to be quite effective in channeling excess water away from your truck bed. The system features a drain at the front of the rail, along with hoses that direct the water out of the bed.

However, the efficiency of the drainage system would also depend on how well it has been installed. It’s crucial to properly secure the hoses and ensure they are directed to an appropriate drainage point.

Can the BAKFlip MX4 withstand heavy snow?

The BAKFlip MX4 is a hard-folding cover made of heavy-duty aluminum panels. This construction helps it to bear up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight, making it capable of withstanding the weight of heavy snowfall.

However, as with any tonneau cover, it is recommended to regularly remove snow to prevent excessive buildup. This not only maintains the integrity of the cover but also ensures easy access to your truck bed during the winter season.

Can you drive with the BAKFlip MX4 open?

Yes, you can drive with the BAKFlip MX4 open. In fact, one of the standout features of this model is its ability to be driven in multiple positions. You can drive with it fully closed, fully open, or partially open depending on your needs. It is designed to provide full access to the truck bed without removing the cover.

The secure buckling system allows the cover to be fastened in the flipped-up position safely when you need to transport larger items. However, you should always ensure the cover is securely fastened in any position while driving to prevent any damage or safety issues.

Do I have to adjust the cover every time I open the tailgate?

No, you do not have to adjust the BAKFlip MX4 cover every time you open the tailgate. The cover is designed with an integrated tailgate seal that allows you to open and close the tailgate without touching the cover. It’s a practical and convenient feature, saving you time and hassle.

However, to maintain the longevity and functionality of the cover, it’s advisable to ensure that it is properly secured and aligned each time you close the tailgate. This simple check can help to prevent any potential damage or issues with the cover’s operation.

Final Thoughts

The BAKFlip MX4 offers an exceptional combination of security, functionality, and elegance when it comes to truck bed covers. Its matte finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle but also offers superior UV and scratch resistance.

The heavy-duty aluminum panels provide impressive durability and the ability to withstand heavy loads, including snowfall. The integrated drainage system is a thoughtful addition, provided it is installed correctly, ensuring that water does not accumulate within your truck bed.

Moreover, the cover’s versatility is noteworthy. Whether you need it fully closed, partially open, or entirely open, the BAKFlip MX4 adjusts to your needs while ensuring safe transportation of your cargo. The tailgate seal is another feature that increases this product’s practicality, enabling the tailgate to be used without any need to adjust the cover.

While the installation process may seem daunting at first glance, it is relatively straightforward when you follow the instructions. And the result? A sturdy, secure, and stylish cover for your truck bed.

In conclusion, the BAKFlip MX4 is an excellent investment for any truck owner seeking a balance between form and function in a tonneau cover.

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